If you want your kitchen to have a tone and style which reflects your personality, choose the kitchen cabinet doors wisely. Consider your personal style while choosing kitchen cabinets and make them the centrepiece of your space. Experienced cabinet makers know how to give your kitchen a fresh look without punching a hole in your pocket.

Cabinet doors are made using various wood species. The right professional will not only help you choose the right material but even let you know the different types of kitchen cabinet doors available in the market. Enhance your knowledge about the various options available so that you can choose one which matches your home decor.

Need The Best Cabinet Design For Kitchen? Know the Popular Options

  • Raised-Panel Doors

You will be surprised to know that the raised-panel door style has been ruling the market for the last four decades. A unique feature of this door style is that the centre panel rises to the door frame’s thickness. People opt for the raised-panel door style because of the detailed contours and profiles of the door frame and the centre panel. Whether you prefer the transitional or traditional home decor, the versatile look of this door style can be the best choice.

  • Recessed Panel Doors

The profile of the flat-panel or recessed door style is sleeker and cleaner than raised-panel doors. This cabinet door design looks really nice in houses with a contemporary or traditional look. Nowadays, numerous people are opting for recessed panel doors as its design is quite flexible. Experienced cabinet makers can help you choose a design which will change the look of the kitchen entirely.

  • Slab Doors

The slab cabinet doors have a self-descriptive construction. The entire drawer front and door is made using just one slab of wood. Though hardwoods staves are generally used to make the slab, some are even made using engineered wood and covered with a hardwood veneer. The door frame is missing in slab doors and looks really nice in houses with European style interiors. The doors are directly attached to the cabinet sides.

  • Mullion Frame Doors

If you are looking for an appealing decorative accent for your kitchen, bookshelf or buffet, opt for the mullion frame cabinet door. Vertical or horizontal bars known as mullion are used to divide the open door frame into sections and panels. You can combine smaller units to make a larger composition. The arch or lintel of your kitchen cabinet will get structural support.

Since you are now aware of the various types of kitchen cabinet doors, it’s time you choose one and start looking for experienced cabinet makers. The right professional knows how to enhance the appeal and functionality of your house without exceeding your budget.