Who does not like to decorate their homes with age-old antiques and showpieces??? In fact, antiques give your home a royal and sophisticated look, which cannot be substituted with any random showpiece. But, maintaining such antiques is also required at the same time, which otherwise will lose its charm and sophistication. Whether it is antique furniture or any decorative item their maintenance is something to worry about as it needs to be protected from various things like dust, water, acid. Etc., and requires careful handling. But, you don’t have to think about anymore as we have found out the best Antique Restoration in Worcester addressed by the name Steve Priest.

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About Steve’s Antique Restoration and Repair Services

Since its inception, Steve Priest has helped many households to restore many different types and styles of antiques and furniture. From bedroom to the bathroom; dining room to lounge, Steve Priest can create or recreate your furniture in Worcester. Steve Priest offers a detailed antiques repair and restoration services, which also include removal of any chips or scratches from the antiques or modern furniture. They specialize in traditional French polishing job where they first carefully strip the whole furniture and then re-polish the wood by hand to render it a perfect finish. Free local pick-up and delivery service are also offered by them for any type of furniture and antique.

Steve Priest’s Stylish Creations:

Years of experience with the right set of skills in sync with customer’s thought process is what makes Steve Priest best in his restoration work. He deploys traditional methods to create bespoke furniture per space in your home. Whether it is a single piece of furniture or a complete bedroom set to be made, Steve will create everything with utmost perfection. Some of the bespoke furniture and antique restoration in Worcester that Steve Priest can create for its clients in Worcester are:

  • T.V. Cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Coffee Tables
  • Wooden Bed Frames
  • Wardrobes and Storage
  • Chest of Drawers and Dresses
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Sideboards and Dressers
  • Display Cabinets
  • And much more.

Now, individually, let’s see what Steve Priest create or restore under bedroom and kitchen furniture.

  1. Bedroom Furniture: Whether your requirement is of single furniture or want to create a whole new bedroom, Steve Priest can bring anything to life. He starts with taking the size of your room and manufactures a perfect set of furniture which aptly fits into the spaces available in the room. You can also take his worthy advice on style, optimal fitting and furniture choice if you are not able to decide on your own.
  2. Kitchen Furniture: With over 30 years of cabinet making experience, Steve Priest is renowned to make a bespoke piece of kitchen furniture adding a personal touch to it. Moving away from generic flat-pack tables and chairs, below mentioned are just a few of the pieces Steve Priest can create:
  • Welsh Dressers
  • Sideboards
  • Cupboards
  • Tables and Chairs

Let Steve Priest’s Antiques Restoration in Worcester services along with repair and maintenance create wonder at your home. Are you eager to give your antiques and furniture a complete makeover??? Then, contact Steve Priest today.