As you know, antiques are appreciated for its timeless beauty and eternal style, this is even more appropriate for antique furniture.

Many homeowners take pride in such furniture, but the furniture starts losing its luster and beauty over time, they start looking old as the finish fades. However, this can be prevented by taking proper care of the furniture, restoring the look of antique furniture by refinishing them is not something challenging. However, it needs time and dedication that you might not afford, in such a case, you can think about hiring a professional that offers services related to Antique Restoration in Worcester.

However, if you want to do it yourself, here are the steps to follow.

  • While gathering essential materials like finishes and strippers, you should read and comprehend the instructions related to each product beforehand to ensure proper use of them. You may need to install a well-ventilated workstation so your health won’t get affected with the fumes of such products.
  • Now you need to decide whether it will be better to strip or wash the furniture. It is not always needed that you undertake any complicated procedure to restore the look of the furniture. Sometimes, just a coat of varnish or good cleaning is enough to restore the furniture’s actual look and beauty. Unpainted furniture can be cleaned with a simple hand cleaner containing pumice. Use a regular toothbrush to clean the crevices and corners, once it is cleaned, it would be better for you to understand if it needs complete or partial refinishing.
  • While using paint removers or strippers on your antique furniture, don’t forget to use a mask and a pair of rubber gloves. Apply thick stripper layer with one single brush stroke, but this one stroke operation is not so easy. Many people fail to do it properly and they get professional help for Antique Restoration in Worcester, Nevertheless, this layer is essential to form a skin. To prevent the piece from drying out, you can use newspapers or plastic bags over the layer. Remember to place the furniture in a horizontal position while applying the stripper, use tape over accessories like the knobs to avoid spatter.
  • While removing the stripper, use a putty knife or an expired bank card to scrape it away gently, such items are less prone to cause harm to the wood.
  • After the removal of the stripper, the piece of furniture needs to be cleaned with the right cleaner. Scrub the cleaner with a stiff brush, don’t use too much water on the veneered furniture as this may lift the veneer.
  • After being stripped and cleaned, the piece needs to get rid of any remaining stripper or light scratches with the help of fine sandpaper.
  • Now apply the stain. Choose the right tone suitable for your piece of furniture. You may use direct-to-wood stains for the enhancement of the grains in different wood types. 
  • Finally, apply the final touch. Apply wipe on the finish with the help of soft cotton cloth, keep the furniture wet until it doesn’t soak up any more finish. Now wipe it dry and wait at least 24 hours, it would be good to lightly sand the piece after that 24-hour period. Apply another coat if required, however, 3 to 4 coats are good enough.

These are the steps to restore the actual look and finish of antique furniture.

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