The easiest way to reveal the natural beauty of wood is by opting for French polishing. Not only will the piece of furniture, become easy to clean and maintain but it will also get a durable and high-end finish. If there is a piano or other musical instrument in your house, just hire experienced French polishers and give the wooden surfaces a more expensive and classic look.

It is not only about musical instruments but the professionals can also help in restoring the lost appeal of the staircases and wooden floors. Since French polish is quite durable, you can even use it in areas with heavy footfall to creating a warm and classy feel. The treatment is equally useful for restoring the former glory of antique and period furniture.

What is French Polishing?

It is basically a process through which wooden surfaces are given a high gloss finish using a deep and rich colour. Though people had been using French Polishing since the 15th century, its popularity enhanced dramatically during the 18th century. The treatment was generally used by wealthy Victorians willing to keep their expensive furniture made using Mahogany protected.

The process is very intricate as the polisher has to very carefully apply a thin layer of a hard-wearing resin. A majority of the French Polishers in Worcester are highly skilled and have years of experience in the industry since they are fully proficient in the field. They need to take utmost care so that the coating is applied in the same direction of the wood grain using a suitable polishing tool. The resin surface is left ideal for some time so that it hardens before a fine abrasive paper is used to lightly sand it.

What Type of Wood is Suitable for French Polishing?

If you are willing to restore the lost appeal of a piece of furniture with darker wood and fine grain, opt for French Polishing. Few types of wood which can benefit from French polishing are rosewood, mahogany and walnut. Specialist oils and waxes are available for restoring and protecting surfaces of lighter woods like Teak and Pine.

Quick Tips to Follow When Applying French Polish

  • Apply the polish by covering a pad of woollen cloth with a fine cloth.
  • The wet pad should be rubbed hard on the wooden surface so that it becomes level.
  • Let the surface dry completely before the next coat is applied.
  • A fresh piece of cloth should be used to cover the pad if you want to finish it off.
  • The last coat should be rubbed quickly and lightly in circular motions.
  • Ensure that the finished surface has a uniform texture.
  • Give the wooden surface luster and smoothness by applying a final touch of lacquer.
  • Use a type of French polish which will enhance the durability of the furniture.

Since your knowledge about French polishing has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for an experienced polisher offering services in your area.